A Tribe of Lifelong Learners

I remember the first time I heard one of our sales representatives say: “Jolt is not for everyone”. For a minute I flinged. How can Jolt not be for everyone?
It’s the Ultimate Learning Experience! But the truth is, not everyone’s a learner.


Wait, what?!

For learners, it’s seems insane: Some people don’t want to learn more than they have to.
You can roughly divide the working population into two parts:

People who show up to work - to work.
They want to know how to do their job in the most efficient, quick way and go home. They tend to want to accomplish the minimum requirements of the position and learn the minimum they need in order to not fail.

Passion-driven professionals, who care deeply about what they do. They want to do the maximum they can to be successful in their work, surprise their colleagues and be able to do as much as they can by themselves.

While both are valid, relevant parts of the working population, Jolt is a better fit for the 5:01ers. We sometime call them “Life Designers” internally, because they tend to be passionately committed to learning how to make a difference in their careers and professions.

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And we’re building Jolt for them.
For the lifelong learners - people who get a kick just from learning new tools, methodologies and ideas. They believe there’s always more to learn and more to be done. They’re humbled by the wealth of knowledge available. They have an insatiable hunger to learn.

And the fun part is that putting lifelong learners together is kind of like putting Furbies together (remember those?) - they immediately hit it off. They teach each other. They learn from each other (not the furbies. The learners.) The same passion that drives them to be curious, drives them to be instructional. The best students are also the best teachers.


We see that all the time with Jolt - some of our best instructors came in as students first. In fact, some of our best employees came in as students first - because like other employers, we understand that people who invest time and effort in learning new things and meeting new people - are the people of the new world. Before they event start working - just from the fact they have a track record learning at Jolt, we know they are:

  • Curious

  • Passionate about their profession

  • Intellectually humble

  • Conversational & friendly

  • Feel ownership on their career and learning

And that’s the kind of people we - and other employers - rather work with.

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Roei Deutsch, Jolt's CEO and Co-Founder



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