The Self-Made Manifesto

There are some people who work to live. And then there’s us. Our self-made tribe. Those who live to work on impactful projects, on our own terms. The career designers. The trailblazers. The self-makers. We don’t do a 9-5 job because we have to. We work on the things we want to. We’re proactive. We know that being creative means more than making art. It’s a mindset. An entrepreneurial mindset. It’s the ability to know that change—real change—starts with you. And in a time where the business world is going through unprecedented change, it pays to be creative. Welcome to entrepreneurialism as a mindset, whether you work for yourself or one of the world’s largest companies. Here, there’s no time for ego. There’s no failure, only lessons. Forget how things have “always been done”. Scrap the idea that you need years’ of experience to be good at your job. We’re rewriting the rules. Creating our own paths. Knocking down doors and opening them for each other. We’re a community, not an old boys’ club. We’re not “lucky”, we’re prepared. We didn’t have a rich dad, or a trust fund, or a ready-made network. We made it ourselves. Our opportunities come based on talent, not on whether our dad was the CEO. There’s no nepotism here. Just hard work, perseverance and a self-made state of mind. Because the business world of tomorrow belongs to the self-made of today. Welcome to our tribe.