Who needs coffee capsules when there’s ice cream?

Every March for over three decades, the SXSW Conference has been held in Austin. The conference has three fun focuses: music, cinema and innovation. At the last conference, LG unveiled a machine that produces fresh ice cream based on your preferences. Just like a Nespresso machine.

* * *

You insert two different capsules into the machine: one for flavour, and one for texture. Because you may prefer a sorbet-esque texture while your friend wants a softer ice creamy/frozen yoghurty texture.

* * *

Each capsule has a QR code so the machine knows exactly what you want. The sensor automatically scans this code and the machine starts the process of making your tasty treat. 

* * *

I know what you’re thinking:

1. Why on earth do we have an office coffee machine when we could have an office ice cream machine?

2. Why didn’t I develop this magic and make the world a better place to live?

We can't offer you ice cream, but we can off you skills that will make you think creatively and develop the next big thing.

Because when businesses act like startups, they come out with delicious things… like ice cream machines.  

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